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BOTE Manual Inflatable PFD-Belt


BOTE Inflatable Belt PFD (Personal Floatation Device) is a unique design that keeps stand-up paddleboarders (SUP), anglers, boaters, and other paddlers safe without compromising movement.

  • Fits 24” up to 52” waist
  • Approved for persons 16 years of age and older; and over 80 lbs
  • Contains a CO2 cylinder
  • 16g Cylinder / 16.5 Pounds Buoyancy when inflated with the CO2 cylinder and 29.5 Pounds of Buoyancy with secondary oral inflated
  • Fully Sublimated Front Shell Panel and Soft Touch Neoprene Lined Back Panel
  • Dual D-Ring Looped Attachment Points
  • 6F Mini Inflator Mechanism
  • Internal spare CO2 Storage pocket
  • Type V Non-Convertible with Type III performance (Must be worn to be legal)

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