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Compact, easily managed and incredibly stable and manoeuvrable.

The Profish GT is super stable and appeals to salt and fresh water anglers alike.
The design of the hull, with it's reversed chines & flattened foot well area, offer perfect platform for stand up surface casting.

Above the waterline the Profish GT has a similar cockpit design to the Profish Reload with its comfortable seating and practical cockpit lay out and most exciting is the ability to "Load and Go" with the removable Tackle Pod, Chill Pod, Flat Deck Tackle Pod & Kid Pod options.

In its element in narrow waterways and capable of punching through the surf to fish behind the breakers the Profish GT is also one of the best mothership fishing kayaks on the market: compact and lightweight, stable to step down onto from a high deck, and the removable Tackle Pod & Chill Pod make for safe and easy transferring of gear between vessels. A unique kayak for the increasingly popular big-boat expeditions.

The Viking ProFish GT
Length: 11'8
Width: 32"
Weight: 57lbs
Capacity: 385lbs

Features you will enjoy:

  • Amazing stability, even when laden with loads of tackle and the days catch
  • Vikings unique Reload Tackle Pod fitted as standard.
  • Large rear well with storage options
  • Front mounted oval hatch for extra storage space.
  • 4 x flush mount rod holders
  • Paddle holder
  • 1x 6" storage hatch with removable bucket
  • Propelz fisherman seat
  • Propelz fiberglass speed paddle

Optional extras

  • Rudder Kit
  • Chill Pod
  • Kid Pod
  • Flat Deck Tackle Pod
  • Fishfinder attachment kit
  • Anchor running rig

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